What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded on your computer when you visit a website. Website owners often use cookies to operate the site or to make functioning more effective, and to retrieve reports.

The cookies which are made by the website owner (in this case Semmelweis University) are called “internal cookies”. Those cookies which are not made by the website owner are called “third party cookies”. The third party cookies ensure third party services or functions to be run by the website or through the website (eg. analysis, advertising and videos). The third parties use cookies in order to recognize your computer when you visit the main site or those websites which apply third party cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to collect certain information from visitors on our website. This may include the IP address of your computer, type of browser and screen resolution, as well as certain behavioural and configuration information, such as the language setting or the information about which pages were visited and for how long visitors stayed there.

These data ensure us to understand visitors’ preferences and how to provide them with a better user experience. However this information does not ensure Semmelweis University to find out the personal identity of visitors, unless visitors provide this information on their own.

Types and goals of Cookies hosted by our website

Semmelweis.hu (internal cookies)

These cookies help web site performance and functionality, but are not necessary for its operation. However, without these cookies certain functional elements (such as remembering the language settings) are not available.

Analysis cookies – Google (third party cookies)

These cookies collect a summary of data in order to better understand visitors’ preferences. Our website uses Google Analytics’ cookies for this purpose. In order to learn more about Google Analytics and to know how to refuse cookies of Google Analytics, please visit their website on Google: https://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html

Other third party cookies

The website is integrated with other third party providers (eg. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) which also use cookies for displaying their contents. When you are logged in these services, they register your visit to their website with the help of these cookies.

Do they apply targeted ad?

No. On our website there is no external advertising.

How can I check the cookies?

You have to change the settings of your browser in order to accept or reject the cookies. This process may vary from browser to browser, so check out your browser’s “Help” for more details. Please note, if you reject the cookies, some functions on our website might not be available.