A sculpture was given to Ignác Semmelweis in Prague. The bust of the world-famous Hungarian doctor was placed near the entrance of the obstetric department of the general university hospital in the centre of the Czech capital and was unveiled on June 28, MTI writes.

The bronze bust placed on the red marble basement and the grey marble column with an inscription below: Semmelweis 1818-1865 is created by István Madarassy, a Hungarian artist. This is the first statue of Semmelweis Ignác in the Czech Republic according to the Czech and English texts on both sides of the column. The statue was jointly set by Semmelweis University in Budapest and the Charles University in Prague based on László Rosivall’s proposal on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Semmelweis’s birth.

“Let this sculpture be the symbol of the burst towards the issue and the victory of science over denying and scepticism” – can be read in Czech and English.

Tomás Zíma, rector of Charles University and Miklós Boros, the Ambassador of Hungary in Prague were present at the ceremony, who praised Ignác Semmelweis’s work and life in their speeches.

The inauguration of the statue in Prague was performed in the Semmelweis memorial year. The establishment of the statue was initiated by the Hungarian Commemorative Committee in the Czech capital, and the costs were covered by the Hungarian state. The bust was donated by Semmelweis University to the University Hospital in Prague.

Source: Magyar Távirat Iroda (MTI)
Photo illustrations: Attila Kovács, Semmelweis University