On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ignác Semmelweis the statue „In blessed state – Visitation in memory of Semmelweis” by István Madarassy was unveiled in the hall of the External Clinical Block at Korányi Healthcare Building on June 30.



Dr. László Rosivall professor emeritus, president of the Semmelweis Commemoration Committee remembered that he had agreed on the creation of the work with the world famous artist in 2015, the goal of the statue was to be connected to the saviour of mothers in its message rather than in its shape . This is how the fire painted copper statue was created, which captures the biblical meeting of two blessed women, the Virgin Mary and St. Elizabeth.

This is an occasion for art, which is often faced with science, even though this work also shows that they fit well together – said Dr. Ágoston Szél, the outgoing rector of Semmelweis University in his festive greeting. He added that every piece of art carries the message transmitted by the creator.

Ignác Semmelweis basically determines the university’s thinking and exemplifies the three-fold mission of education, research and healing – emphasized Dr. Béla Merkely, the rector of Semmelweis University taking office from July 1. Nowadays this building is our most modern block and shows the serious commitment that Ignác Semmelweis brought with himself every single day when he went to work – he said also adding that pregnant ladies entering this room would feel confidence when looking at the statue.

István Madarassy admitted that creating the statue inspired by M.S. Master’s Visitation image was a heroic struggle not only with the two saints but also with the material. After the unveiling, the statue was blessed by Szabolcs Sajgó, a Jesuit Father who cited from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. Finally, Lajos Kathy-Horváth violinist, member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts performed his improvisation.

Photos: András Diményi